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Milestones, Organization, And Issues.

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Milestones, Organization, And Issues.

Post by ktar5 on Thu Apr 25, 2013 1:56 pm

That's right, you read that. We're getting deadlines for coding, lore, and building. Don't take these deadlines lightly, nor should you feel being rushed, if you feel your rushed, just contact either me or Joe or Alex and well try to adjust it a bit. We need these deadlines because of the fact of organization and community engagement. The community needs to build and know what we're doing and when we are doing it.
Some Milestones (To be changed)
Camelot finished: June 10th, 2013

I will be creating a GitHub repo, it is supposed to be for code but has a nice issues system. The system will work where if something needs to get done, or a suggestion, or task, you will make an issue for it, a ticket, on the git where every staff member can see it and comment on it, the ticket can be closed and opened when finished or unfinished, tags can be made for specific groups and etc. I expect all of you to use this as a great tools, abuse of this system will result in consequences.

Thats all for now people.
Good Job,
Ktar5 (Coder)


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